Leah Faye Caddigan



I am an Independent Filmmaker and Theatre Artist based out of Brooklyn. I have been working in New York City since 2015, since graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. 

Originally from the South Side of Chicago my family moved to Greenville, North Carolina when I was in high school. Considering myself to be from both an inner-city as well as rural America, I channel my unique experience into creating art that showcases diversity. 

I define myself by my ambition, drive, and loose relationship with the establishment. I always come in under budget and always exceed expectations; to which I credit my critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, and my tendency to achieve results by forging new pathways.

While studying at UNCSA I became the first film student in the University's history to transfer from the Filmmaking program to the Drama program, where I graduated with a concentration in Directing. I was the Artistic Director at the University's annual student-run theatre festival KEYS TO THE KINGDOM. I was the first UNCSA student ever to premier a play at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary (August Strindberg's Miss Julie), and before graduating I produced my first live show in New York City.

In the three years I have been in New York, I have worked on major network television shows: GOTHAM, THE PUNISHER, ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, BILLIONS, and more. I have served as the Producing Director at an off-off Broadway theatre company and worked for Off-Broadway theatre company THEATRE FOR A NEW AUDIENCE. 

What I am most proud of is the body of work which I have cultivated as an independent director and producer. Please take a moment to look over my materials, as you will see the tenacity that is ingrained in my voice as an artist. 

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! Hope to work with you soon.